13 Kardashian Couples Ranked From Garbage Bad To The Very Best

Becca Van Sambeck
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The Kardashians have become such a pervasive part of our culture that even your grandma knows not to ask about Khloe and Lamar. Part of the constant gossip cycle surrounding the clan has to do with their romantic entanglements, which makes sense because they are super juicy. Of course, once you think about it, most of their relationships are also very bad.

There’s not a lot of shipper possibilities here. So we’re happy to present the 13 main Kardashian couples of the last several years, ranked from garbage bad to the very best.

13. Kylie and Tyga

Started. As. Statutory. Rape. Also, his baby mama is engaged to her brother. Also, there’s all the rumors he’s using her for money. Also, hello he was 25 and she was 17 when they first started dating. That’s not normal.



12. Kim and Kris Humphries

Sure, the wedding special was nice, but otherwise everyone KNEW Kim didn’t belong with sentient log, Kris Humphries. Thank God it was only 72 excruciating days of marriage.



11. Rob and Blac Chyna

I desperately want Rob to be happy, but judging by the episodes of “Rob and Chyna,” Chyna isn’t going to do that for him. It’s like watching a car wreck in slow motion. I’m happy he’s not a recluse, but no thanks.



10. Khloe and French Montana

Yuck, this is when Khloe started going downhill.



9. Kourtney and Justin Bieber

I cannot support anyone sleeping with this kid, regardless of how many times I’ve blasted “Sorry.”



8. Khloe and Lamar

Oh, man. These two were sweet together — the real deal. But it’s hard to rank a relationship highly when it ended as tragically as this one — with divorce, drug overdoses and lots of TMZ takedowns.



7. Khloe and James Harden

Forgot this one happened.



6. Kourtney and Scott

Look, I think the Lord is as funny as anyone. But after awhile, it became clear he needed serious help with his addictions. Kourtney had to break up with him.



5. Kendall and A$AP Rocky

He seems pretty funny.



4. Kim and Ray J

Hard to say, but without this coupling there would be no Kardashian empire. Thanks Ray J…I guess?



3. Kendall and Harry Styles

This is a way more fun and believable relationship than Harry Styles antique shopping with Taylor Swift. You go, Kendall!



2. Kim and Reggie Bush

Dude, this was true love. Reggie and Kim just seemed so HAPPY together. There was legit chemistry. They were the rom-com couple of “Keeping Up The Kardashians” and yeah, we’re bitter we got stuck with Kourtney and Scott instead.



1. Kim and Kanye West

The two literally took down American princess Taylor Swift. If that doesn’t scream power couple, I don’t know what does.


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