12 Imaginative Ways To Drink Wine When You’re Feeling Single AF

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If you’re single, I bet you’ve found yourself sitting on the couch, alone, watching Netflix or reruns on TV quite often. I also bet (or rather guarantee) that there was a glass of wine (or three) joining you on this after-work rendezvous.


Sound familiar? Well, by now you might be getting bored of your standing date… with yourself. Are you looking for a little more pizzazz for your evening wine-down? Are you hoping for some more delight in your sundown bottle take-down?

Well, lucky for you I’m quite the expert on being single. I’ve also discovered I’m quite skilled at drinking wine, too. Because, c’mon, who needs a bae when you have rosé and Chardonnay? Not you, that’s who.


Therefore, I’ve reasonably come up with 12 ways to imaginatively drink your wine alone to bring more joy into your life. Trust me, you’ll find yourself saying “you had me at Merlot” by the end of this list:

1. Drink while looking at old pictures

And I don’t mean the ones of your and your ex. I mean the ones that’ll make you smile, or even tear up, and remember how great of a life you have regardless of whether you’re in a relationship in this very moment.

2. Drink from a customized bottle

I guarantee drinking alone won’t be as lonely if you’re looking at a picture of your dog or a shot of you and your friends back in college before people were getting married, every time you go to pour a glass.

3. Drink while FaceTiming

Catch up with an old friend without having to leave your couch or even put on pants! You can “cheers” together and feel a little less solo.

4. Drink with a GoPro attached to the bottle

This might sound weird but how many selfies have you sent on Snapchat or posted on Instagram lately? It’s either good GIF material or a good inside look at how you act after a few.

5. Drink while doing yoga

Don’t w(h)ine about it being impossible until you’ve tried this glorious exercise combo!

6. Drink whilst practicing being domestic

By this I mean make sangria.

7. Drink without risk of breaking anything

What’s sadder than a broken wine glass? Having no one there to help you pick up the pieces. Introducing: the wine bra and the wine belly.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.56.56 PM

8. Drink a different wine every time

Join a wine club that mails you wine based on your flavor profile and a quiz you take online. You’re going to be drinking a lot of it so you may as well get to know it.

9. Drink and make a goal list

After drinking a couple of glasses you’ll be able to let your guard down. This would be the best time to write down your dreams and aspirations without your sober mind stopping you for dreaming too big.

10. Drink and play a fun game

You don’t need a partner to connect the dots in your life literally or figuratively! Let the games begin.

11. Drink with the life of the party

The life of the party being your glass hanging like a champ on this party plate. Add some cheese, nuts, chocolate, and whatever your little heart desires with this unique tool.


12. Drink based on food pairings

Try experimenting with some new meals and pick your wine based solely on what would go best with your delicious creation. You’ll go to bed happy, full, and little closer to being a wine connoisseur.


Disclaimer: Don’t drink and swipe. You’re at risk for unsolicited messages, plans you forgot you agreed to, severe case of wine goggles, and ruining your chances with a real unicorn. Drink responsibly.