How to relieve headaches without Aspirin

Headaches hurt. You know that if you’re a chronic headache sufferer or just have pounding temples once in a while. Like everything else that hurts, you want it to go away.

Medication, of course, can help. Aspirins can chase headaches away, but if chronic migraines are a part of your day to day, then you may want to look into alternatives. Look no further than these 12 different, but extremely helpful ways to reduce your chronic headaches.


Use cold compresses

If you have a regular or migraine headache, put an ice pack on your forehead for about 15 minutes. Then remove it for 15 minutes. Then place it on your forehead again. If you don’t have an ice pack, a sack of frozen food like corn or peas will work, or even just a cold wash cloth.


Try a heating pad or warm cloth

Cold won’t work for sinus headaches or those caused by tension. What does work is heat! If you have a sinus headache, place a warm cloth on the area that hurts. If a tension-caused headache is making your head hurt, try a heating pad on the back of your head or your neck, not the forehead.


Eliminate caffeine

Caffeine can trigger a headache, especially a lot of it. So, if you feel one coming on, don’t grab a cup of coffee! Also, don’t skip coffee cold turkey if you usually have it because that can cause a headache itself. Seriously, if you are prone to headaches, it’s wise to get rid of caffeine in your diet altogether. Start by cutting back on coffee gradually so your body doesn’t protest when it gets none and it’s used to three cups worth.


Cut down on chewing gum

If you chew gum vigorously, the action of your jaws could be triggering a headache. It jars your head just enough to set a headache off in some people. This action isn’t limited to chewing gum, obviously. If you have the nervous habit of chewing pens, pencils or even your fingernails, cut way down on it.


Eat a healthy meal

Hunger causes headaches. Especially if you feel anxious, you may not feel hungry, but lack of proper food could be causing your head to hurt. Eat a healthy snack. Don’t skip meals, even if you don’t feel hungry. Be sure to get enough protein, and if you’re vegetarian, don’t skimp on cheese or legumes.


Take down your ponytail

Believe it or not, people can get compression headaches if something tight is around their head or pulling on their head. We’re talking ponytails, people! Also buns, potentially. Other culprits: swimming googles, scarves or anything else that could be pulling your skin or hair. Take the ponytail or bun down and remove goggles, scarves and so on.


Get rid of bright lights

Bright lights can cause headaches, especially migraines if you are prone to them. Get yourself to a dark room and stay there until the headache fades. To prevent future headaches, invest in a glare screen for your computer. Don’t be afraid to get blackout curtains for your home or office. Many people swear by them. Another solution is wearing sunglasses both indoors and when you go out.


Try Botox

Although many people associate Botox with removing lines from the face, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved it for preventive migraine headache treatment. If you’re one of the estimated 18 percent of women, 10 percent of children and 6 percent of men nationwide who get migraines, it’s always good to know about alternative medications.


Squeeze lemons

Many people swear by lemons as a headache aid. Cut several lemons and place them on your temples in a darkened room. Alternatively, you can squeeze the juice from at least two lemons into a glass of water. Don’t like the taste of lemon and water? Adding some ginger root is a great idea.


Make a cinnamon paste

Putting a cinnamon paste on your forehead is a natural method that has helped people with chronic headaches. Take cinnamon and make a heavy paste from water. Rub it on like an ointment. Leave until almost dry, then rinse off. The smell can be very soothing to your stomach as well!


Add Omega-3 to your diet

Omega-3 fatty acids that occur naturally in flaxseed and fish can cut down on headaches. So add a few more fish-containing meals to your week. Also, use flaxseed oil where you would usually use different kinds of vegetable or olive oil.


Cut down on alcohol

We’ve saved this one for last because alcohol has well-known power to cause a headache. They’re called hangovers! Seriously, if you already have a headache, don’t take a drink. If you’re prone to headaches, liquor is not your friend. It dehydrates, which can trigger yet one more headache.

There are many things you can do to get rid of headaches, but these 12 should help you bid farewell to headaches forever.

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