11 Times Carrie Bradshaw Did Fashion Right On Sex & The City

Mikela Warman
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As many of you might suspect, I bloody worship Carrie Bradshaw. SJP isn’t so bad herself (actually she’s a perfect human being whom I also worship), but that’s beside the point. Her effervescent personality, her hermit tendencies. Her confidence, her insecurities. Her outrageousness, her sophistication. All of the vacillation between polar opposites of extremes is what I truly understand and connect with as a 20some living in NYC.

It’s funny to think that while Sex & The City was airing back in the late 90s, I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the TV room when my parents would binge watch The Sopranos and SATC, among other naughty HBO programming. I was subjected to my room to like… knit or something, considering this was before the era of laptops and iPhones. It’s a shame that I wasn’t allowed to peep the styling talents of Patricia Field. Who knows what inspiration that could have spurred? I digress.

Once I was “allowed” to start watching the show, I never stopped. Of course I ran through season 1-6 and both movies with no problem, but it’s the constant television re-runs that continue to inspire.

Carrie wasn’t just a hopeless romantic and a writer. She was a style icon throughout the series. Here are the top 11 times Carrie Bradshaw did fashion right. Because I know you ALL were wondering:

Photo Shoot of Sarah Jessica Parker for HBO's "Sex and the City" 2002 series



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