11 Songs You Need To Hear Right Now If You Love Ed Sheeran’s Album ‘Divide’

Chances are you’ve heard Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide, by now. If you haven’t, what’s your deal? I mean, it was #1 on the Billboard 200 Chart, after all. As if his hit singles, “Castle on the Hill’ and “Shape of You” weren’t already enough to make you melt into a pile of tears and emotions, the full album release wrecked tear ducts everywhere.

Ed stuck to what he knows best–poetic words strung together with catchy tunes. His third album is perfect for a windows down road trip with your friends while screaming the ballads over of the wind. In true Ed fashion, it is also perfect for listening on your bed while replaying every conversation you’ve ever had with ex-lovers in your head. You win some, you lose some. Sigh.

Anyway, your roommates are probably getting annoyed with you constantly having his album on repeat. Don’t feel too bad, though, because we are all aware it’s a killer album. Thankfully, I have 11 others songs that are just as tear-jerking as Divide and may save you from over-playing your new favorite album.


1. Paloma Faith – “Beauty of the End” 

Another British singer-songwriter who makes you want to both dance and sob. Paloma Faith’s soulful voice, paired with her perfect blend of acoustic and electric vibes, makes her music addicting. It won’t be long before you’re playing her albums on repeat.


2. Landon Pigg – “Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop”

If the soft, raspy voice of a man singing about love makes you weak at the knees (which if you love Ed it probably does) then this song is up your alley. Landon Pigg is an american singer-songwriter whose easy listening tunes are the perfect substitute for ‘Divide’.  


3. Tom Odell – “Real Love”

There is something so pure about Tom Odell and this song. I could put it on repeat for hours and never get bored of it. It’s softness reminds me of “Supermarket Flowers.” You can never really go wrong when combining Indie and pop genres. They were honestly made for each other.


4. Adam Levine – “Lost Stars”

What can’t Adam Levine do? The answer is nothing. He has a deeper and more grown up voice than Ed but they both get the job done. The job of sobbing into your pillow at night, that is. Lost Stars was originally performed for the rom-com ‘Begin Again’ but has made it’s way into playlists everywhere.


5. The Lumineers – “Stubborn Love” 

The Lumineers introduced me to the world of Neofolk. You’re probably wondering what Neofolk is. It’s basically a form of folk music inspired by musicians who sought out tunes that blended acoustic sounds with industrial and experimental music. What you get is basically pop sounding folk. Sound familiar to Ed? I think yes.


6. James Morrison – “You Give Me Something”

If Ed had a musically talented older brother, James Morrison would be that guy. Morrisons music has the same catchy pop tunes and lyrics that are often found in Ed’s music. His voice is more mature than Ed’s which is a gives you a great break when you’ve overplayed Divide.


7. Eric Hutchinson – “Breakdown More”

Want to get up and dance? Eric Hutchinson is your go to guy. He’s a little more rock pop than Ed ever will be but that’s okay. We all need a little rock pop in our lives, especially to make up for all the songs that make us want to cry.


8. Ray LaMontagne – “Let It Be Me”

Get the tissues ready. If you thought you wanted to tear up during Pefect then you are about to be wrecked. In the best way possible, of course. Ray LaMontange’s let it be me is more than a song–it’s rich poetry.  I think Ed would highly recommend.


9. Angus & Julia Stone – “Paper Aeroplane”

A brother-sister folk and indie pop duo? Excuse me? My siblings and I will never be that cool. Angus and Julia Stone create the perfect combo of emotions with their music. You don’t know whether you should be deep in thought or swinging your hips while jamming in your room. Which is basically the same effect Dive has on me.


10. Of Monsters And Men – “Your Bones”

Of Monsters And Men. It’s already cool that this five-member band was formed in Iceland, but I think they paved the way for my love of folk music. Ed’s folk pop is magical but he can’t do what a five-member, diverse band can do. The more the merrier when it comes to folk. That’s a rule, I swear.


11. Ella Henderson – “Beautifully Unfinished”

There is a lot of pop influence that goes into an Ed Album. The same goes for Ella Henderson who also happens to be English. Is England just full of ridiculously talented songwriters?  Henderson follows Ed’s suit by creating music that slowly builds up. By the end of the song you’ll feel so much you’ll want to scream. Sorry…kind of.