11 Millennials Just Like You On Their Greatest Feats In Their 20s

Lindsey Washington
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A few weeks ago, I asked a few millennials what their biggest regrets were. Some were enlightening and some were eye-opening. So, I thought I’d shine some light into their biggest accomplishments this time.

Every day I marvel at the fact that I am a real person who gets up and goes to work, feeds herself, dresses warm when it’s cold outside, etc. It’s a true feat. I always tell my mother I deserve more credit for keeping myself alive.

When I asked people what their biggest accomplishments were their responses were something along the lines of, “Well, I don’t know. I haven’t really done anything.” And granted, the majority of us haven’t cured cancer or solved a great mystery, but we’ve all done some pretty amazing things in our lives. Maybe you’ve finished college, maybe you learned how to cook a new dish or maybe you just found Waldo in a children’s book! (Every little thing counts.) So let’s cheers to 11 millennials on their greatest accomplishments:


“My biggest accomplishment would have to be earning a 4-year scholarship for my undergrad degree and getting through undergrad with zero debt!” — Tyler, 25

…Moving to NYC solo. I left San Diego to come here by myself and five years later I’m still here!

— Shanee, 28


“I’ve always felt like an independent person but now I’m also financially independent and can stand on my own. I’m not in any debt and I can officially say that I support myself.” — Emily, 26

“Two accomplishments I am pretty proud of… Turning FFP (Fashion for Philanthropy: a club at Fordham University) around and really getting people excited about being involved. We had a great group and used all of the different strengths to make the club something great. Another big accomplishment would be graduating with a job offer and starting three days after graduation. It didn’t end up being my ‘dream job’ but it set me on a great path.” — Molly, 27

“…Becoming a home owner at the age of 28! It was all about being wise with my money and maintaining a good credit score.” — Kymiel, 28

I am most proud of the strength of my personal relationships and the fact that it will read ‘law school’ on the top of my resume.

— Kelly, 25


“My biggest accomplishment career wise is (successfully) leading a meeting with top execs in the media industry and I was the youngest person in the room.” — Evangeline, 24

…getting a college degree, a job and buying a car.

— Jen, 25


“Being promoted at my job in New York pretty quickly was great, but being hired by Hilary Clinton and then deciding to move to Iowa to work for her is at the top of my list.” — Nora, 25

“Participating in a volunteer trip to Thailand, using Twitter to score my job and winning a $100k grant for my company’s tech-ed program.” — Elisabeth, 25

Being one of the few people in my family who went to college…also mentoring young kids, I’m really proud of that.

— Brandon, 22

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