11 Millenials And Their Biggest Regrets From Their Twenties

Lindsey Washington
Lindsey Washington aka lindsanity to her friends can either be found roaming the city looking for shade or out with friends throwing shade. She is currently trying to work on her obsession with Lil Wayne and accepting the fact that they will probably never get married, also Drake.

My 26th birthday is approaching and when I look back at my life thus far, there are so many things that I would’ve done differently — being more open to new people, taking more chances, spending less time worrying and more time enjoying the moment — the list goes on.

Although I’ve made a lot of adjustments and feel much better about life in general, I still have this overwhelming sense of regret.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, maybe it’s the cold weather (it always makes me very introspective) or maybe it’s because the year is coming to an end. Who knows?

Here’s what happened when I asked 11 other millennials what some of their biggest regrets have been so far:

“Hands down, biggest regret is opening credit cards in college. That’s right card(s) with an s. It’s pretty self-explanatory.” — Shanee, 28

Not pursuing the field I want to be in…I know I still have time but I wish I was sturdier in my career and at least in the field where I want to be.

— Emily, 26

“…I’m not a true believer in living your life with regrets. Like, if something happened, it happened. Obviously this doesn’t apply to murder and crimes… maybe not spending more time with my grandparents and uncle before they passed? Not asking enough family history questions, stuff like that. But I guess if I had to choose one — I feel really bad about jumping on the teasing bandwagon in middle school. I wasn’t by any means popular, and definitely received my fair share of tormenting, but I do feel bad about being mean to people for no reason, or just because it was ‘cool.’” — Molly, 27

No regrets.

— Elisabeth, 25

“One of my biggest regrets is taking a credit card out in college without knowing what I was getting myself into, especially because 10 years later I am still paying that debt .” — Kymiel, 28

“My biggest regret is not traveling to more places both in and outside the country, but…I still have time to turn that around.” — Jen, 25

“I am moving in a few days and my biggest regret is that I’ve been living in New York for three years and I feel like I’ve been doing the same thing the entire time. I’ve only been to Brooklyn four times and I never got a chance to go to Queens to get Korean BBQ.” — Nora, 25

My biggest regret is not taking the time to learn more things when I was younger and had all the time in the world.

— Steve, 26

“I would like to say that I have no regrets. I think I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to the way I’ve wanted to do it.” — Amber, 34

My biggest regret is letting my friend continue to date her asshole of a boyfriend…

— Kelly, 25

“Not sticking with those piano lessons my dad made me take when I was 7.” — Evangeline, 24

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