Eating 100 Donuts In 2016: The 3 Best Donuts I Discovered This Month

It’s been two months since this project began, and I’ve already consumed so many treats that it’s hard to keep track. Friends from all over have expressed interest in my quest to consume 100 doughs, and I’ve really grown to be proud of and take ownership over this little goal. In February, I’ve tried to branch out to new holes in the wall, apart from the spots I’d been frequenting in the past, and I’ve doughfinitely tasted some holey grails and some holey fails along the way. March has some exciting adventures in store, including Time Out’s Doughfest on the 19, which will hopefully introduce me to some hidden gems I didn’t already know about. In the meantime, and always in the spirit of positivity, here are my top picks of February:


Top Shop: The Doughnut Project

I discovered this spot early on in the month, and immediately fell in love with it. The cozy mom-and-pop feel paired with its colorful graffiti-esque wall art gave me a super warm vibe to begin with. The employees’ attentiveness and personable nature sold me. I know doughnuts are just “fast food,” but vendors should never underestimate the impact of good service. I just so happened to drop by during their doughnut eating contest, which garnered at least 50 onlookers and some camaraderie. Besides the fact that their doughnuts were absolutely doughlicious, I was blown away by the warmth radiating out of this tiny shop.


Third Place Favorite Dough: Beet doughnut stuffed with ricotta cheese from The Doughnut Project

Beets, don’t kill my vibe! I’ve only been to The Doughnut Project once, but I doughcided to get myself a box of these treats, and was most impressed with this one.



The soft yeast consistency and candied glaze, cooled down by the creamy ricotta filling, balanced this dough out perfectly. This beet was so sick, it was my third favorite of the month!



Second Place Favorite Dough: Chocolate mochi doughnut from Cafe Zaiya

I found this place on a doughnut map my coworker lent me, and I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this treat was mochi better than I thought it’d be! The chocolate was rich and sweet, and the mochi dough was the perfect consistency. I also really appreciated finding this spot, nestled between Grand Central and Penn, that I’d probably walked past hundreds of times before. Their selection of everything from baked goods to Ramen soup was super impressive! Once you open your eyes to what’s around you, it’s a hole new world!



First Place Favorite Dough: S’mores croissant doughnut from The Donut Pub

Dough my goodness, this treat was so good, I’m gonna need s’more! I inhaled this hybrid beauty during a Galentine’s Day outing with my best friends, and it was the highlight of my dough (besides spending time with the ladies). The croissant dough made this treat sturdy enough to hold the weight of a marshmallow and chocolate glaze, and sandwiched between two graham crackers, it was absolutely to dough for! Making this treat February’s holey grail was a dough-brainer!



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Suzy Berkowitz, abc news