100 Days Of Doughnuts: My Favorite Doughlicious Treats In April

It’s been four months since I began stuffing my face with doughnuts, and admittedly, I’m a little behind. In an effort to avoid having to pummel approximately 60 doughnuts into my dough hole come December 31, I’m going to kick my project into maximum overdrive in order to get to 50 by mid-June — the halfway point through 2016. This means eating 13 doughnuts in a month. Challenge accepted.

Although April was super busy, (part of the reason why I’ve been slacking on this challenge), I was able to scarf down quite a few doughlicious treats. Some of my most memorable few days of the month were spent in New Orleans, a graduation gift from my family (albeit two years late, but a gift nonetheless). I ventured over to the infamous Café Du Monde, home of the most doughlicious beignets you will ever consume. More on that spot later (spoiler alert: It made it to my top shop of the month). Suffice it to say, there was nothing difficult about falling in love with The Big Easy.

All in all, it was a pretty good month, and I can’t wait to down some more doughs this month! As always, and in the spirit of positivity, here are my top picks of April:


Top Shop: Café Du Monde

As I previously mentioned, my recent trip to New Orleans gave me the chance to scope out this historic spot right along the Mississippi River. Although the line for a table curved around the block, it moved relatively quickly, and before we knew it, my aunt and I were stuffing our faces with two orders of beignets, deep-fried fritters topped with confectioner’s sugar. The outdoor dining area allowed visitors to take in the quintessentially New Orleans-laden ambiance: The ding of trolleys trudging down Decatur Street; the soulful wail of a jazz sax played by a man on the corner; the colorful sight of artists displaying their work in Jackson Square.

We sat for a while, just absorbing and observing, and headed into the gift shop to pick up a can of coffee and chicory for my mom. It was the perfect day, and now I can officially say: Beignet there, done that!

CafeDuMonde (1)


Third Place Favorite Dough: Passion fruit custard doughnut from The Cinnamon Snail at the Pennsy

The day before Passover, I bid my sweet treats adough with this tart beauty. From a spot right next to Madison Square Garden that offered vegan and gluten-free goodies, this refreshing passion fruit doughnut was absolutely to dough for. With a crispy exterior and a tart filling, this doughnut made me ready, willing and able to take on a week-long carb hiatus.



Second Place Favorite Dough: Ganache chocolate bombolone doughnut from Paris Baguette

Bombs away! This bite-sized beauty certainly packed a punch! With a chocolate glazed crispy outside and a soft interior filled with chocolate ganache, this Italian doughnut was really something to ciao down on, and didn’t leave me sickeningly full afterward, landing itself in the spot of this month’s second favorite dough.



First Place Favorite Dough: Beignet from Café Du Monde

Choosing this fried fritter topped with powdered sugar as my holey grail of the month was a complete dough-brainer. Crispy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. This beauty would have topped the charts regardless of where I happened to eat it. But between the ambiance of this top shop and the taste of the treat itself, my trip to Doughla sure yielded an April winner!



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