10 Life Hacks To Keep Your Heart Happy And Your Wallet Full

Kat Spangler
Kat Spangler is a personal trainer and owner of Eat N Run Fitness who has dedicated the last six years to growing her business and improving her skills at guiding others to achieve the life they want. Since opening her business in 2011, she has attained certifications in holistic health coaching, Zumba, Barre, and yoga. Ever the multitasker, she first gained training experience working at gyms like 24 Hour Fitness and interning with her sister and nationally recognized fitness expert Autumn Calabrese, while attending Chapman University for her BFA. After graduating and moving to Dallas, Kat worked as a trainer at Equinox and a server at R + D Kitchen, both while working towards building her own client base. She has been happily working as her own boss, doing what she loves, for the past two years.

Whether you’re just starting as an entrepreneur and need creative ways to pinch as many pennies as you can, or you’re a seasoned professional living by the mantra “a penny saved is a penny earned,” these life hack tips will come in handy.

1. Shopping Online?

Make sure to get Honey, the free browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupons at check out for hundreds of websites. On top of saving on your favorite items, you have the chance to win cash back bonuses. Sign up at joinhoney.com

2. Don’t buy when you can barter.

Think about any items or skills you have that someone else might want and use those for trades. As a personal trainer I trade sessions for getting my hair cut and colored, voice lessons, and even plane tickets!

3. Buy seasonally both in the grocery store and at the clothing store.

Buying produce that is local and in season lowers the price, as does buying jeans the third week of October. Some other seasonal price drops include sandals in March, athletic wear in May and swimsuits in August.

4. Learn the lost art of cooking with some creativity.

You can get cheap basics like eggs, spinach, sweet potato, mushrooms, and onion and turn that into different soups, scrambles, salads and sandwiches. Healthy for the body and the budget.

Bonus: When you eat more wholesome, healthy ingredients at home, that’s going to translate into less trips to the doctor and less money spent on medication.

5. Change up your weekend routine.

Instead of pricey dinners and drinks, think about having potluck house parties, exploring local parks, inviting friends for game night, or find free local events with a simple Google search.

6. Group your errands together to save on gas.

Look at the week ahead to see what needs to get done and what needs to get bought, and map out one day for running errands. Driving to and from places every day adds up quickly.

7. Cancel your cable.

With Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, there really is no need to spend the extra money on cable.

8. Check your statements!!

You’d be amazed what you can catch. I once realized a taxi driver charged me $150 to go two blocks. Believe me, it’s worth the five minutes it’ll take to look over your financials.

9. Be restaurant savvy.

Be aware of ladies nights, happy hours, and either order your entrée off the appetizer menu or doggie bag half your meal to lower your per meal price.

10. Getting your car maintenance done?

Ask questions. Even if you don’t know a ton about cars, if they come to you with a list of things that need to be fixed (that also will tack $500 to your bill), ask them why it needs to be done, what could happen if they don’t do anything right away, how long you could safely go without it. Yes, this is partially to get the information itself, but also as they answer you usually can tell if they are BS-ing to make an extra buck.