These Are The 10 Best Cities In The Nation To Find Love

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and many of us are stuck without a proper partner to share cheap heart-shaped chocolates with (Godiva ones if you’re really invested).

So what do us hopelessly forever-alone singles do? Do we cry about it while watching “He’s Just Not That Into You” and eating ice cream this Sunday night? No.

We decide to do something about being the last family member standing without a significant other at all holiday functions. We decide to take a stand against being the only person not having a #relationshipgoals picture to post on Instagram.

We decide we’re not going to stand for being tagged in “pizza is bae” or “crazy cat lady in the making” pictures anymore.

So what should you do?

All of you hopeless romantics, pack your bags and book a last minute trip to somewhere fabulous because you’re going to go find love this weekend.



Not sure where to go? We got that covered thanks to Zillow’s trends on the top 10 best places to find love. Go get yourself some Godiva to eat on the plane and get ready to meet your soulmate.

And guess what? If you come back without a ring on it (or even a first date), then at least you got a great trip out of it.

Go out there and find love, because love will eventually always find you.

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